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    An RQ Pop Quiz

    Water and the Moon

    by Amy Martin

    The Moon and water have deep physical and metaphysical connections. Let's explore them - answers below.

    1) The most obvious connection is ocean tides. Is high tide at Full or New Moon?

    2) Water is unusual in that it fully changes states, like the Moon appears to do. What are the three aquatic phases?

    3) What does water do that Moon does?

    4) What human qualities are associated with water and the Moon?

    5) What ritual objects are associated with water and the Moon?

    6) What color is associated with water and the Moon?

    7) What direction is associated with water and the Moon?

    8) What time of day is associated with water and the Moon?

    Amy Martin, a Dallas-based journalist and writer, is author of the upcoming book, "Hidden Heart of the Continent: Finding the Divine Beneath Our Feet." Contact or Answers

    1) Both.

    2) solid (or frozen, which is interesting because it's less dense than liquid), liquid (with a unique molecular structure that helps substances to dissolve), gas (water vapor, what clouds are made of)

    3) descends (water always goes to lowest level - the Moon activates the unconscious), receptive (the ocean refuses no river - the Moon accepts Sun's rays), reflective (water reflects light - the Moon reflects the Sun's rays)

    4) emotions, relationships, intuition, unconscious

    5) mirror, bowl/cup/chalice

    6) black (the deeper the water, the darker it appears to be - Moon is associated with the night, though it is often up in day)

    7) west (water: Pacific Ocean - Moon: night, ruled by Moon, arrives when the Sun sets in the west)

    8) twilight (water: the day dissolves into darkness - Moon: nighttime, ruled by Moon, arrives) is a developing experiment -- give us your feedback! Write us at

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