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Photo features of the Pagan Cluster, Clown Anarchy, Pagan Fest, Spiral Dance history, and much more!
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Teen Earth Magic Workbook!
Aspecting the Divine - RQ feature
Labyrinth Magic
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Witchcamp Chantbook
Elements Chants
Spiral Dance and Reclaiming History
Marija Gimbutas - Signs Out of Time
Reclaiming Books and Music - words, sounds, reviews
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RQ is now publishing on a new-fangled, wix-based, all-devices website.

Catch up on Reclaiming-style magic, activism, music, and assorted miscellany on your phone, laptop, Dick Tracy wrist radio, etc.

You'll find highlights from plus new posts, chants playlists, Reclaiming archives, free downloads of our old print issues, and more.

This site ( is still fully active, but is no longer being updated.

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Teen Earth Magic Workbook!

RQ and Teen Earth Magic witchcamp have joined to produce this amazing 350-page books of rituals, magical workings, activism, online chants and trances, and much more.

The TEM Workbook - Not For Teens Only! - is available as a free downloadable PDF or as a print version via Amazon.

Campfire Chants - Our latest album

17 classic chants accompanied by conga, guitar, flute, fiddle, and more - over an hour of beautiful and inspiring Reclaiming music for rituals, classes - and for singing along!

Free downloadable 50-page Lyrics and Lore booklet featuring interviews with Starhawk and other authors, stories about the chants, and more!

Listen to this and other Reclaiming albums free online - playlists for spotify and youtube.

RQ Archives

RQ's collected back issues are now available as a free download, along with lots of other Reclaiming history and memorabilia. Visit our archives page:

Reclaiming Archives and Memorabilia

Lots of Features Still on this Site!

Although we heartily encourage you to visit our new website (have you heard that it's called, you'll be delighted to know that we have left this site entirely intact.

It's sort of like a short-term historical artifact, preserved in digital stone.

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