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RQ#96 - Online

The links underlined below are active now - more will be added in coming weeks, so check back often!

News from the Grassroots

Gender and Sexism: An RQ Theme Section

Feature Articles and Poetry

RQ Regular Departments

  • More links will be active through the Fall
  • The Kitchen Witch
  • Reclaiming Our History
  • Health and Healing
  • Reviews: Sabina Magliocco, Brook, Spiral Rhythms, David Solnit and more
  • Magical Practice
  • Urban Witchcraft

  • Reclaiming Regional News and Events

  • Coming Soon - Readers add their voices
    • RQ Readers add comments, articles, poetry, and more
    • Click here for info on submitting articles, poetry, reviews, etc

    Winter Regional News will be online shortly - meanwhile, here's the news from last issue

    Visit for Reclaiming classes and rituals

    Regional Highlights

    Winter Witchcamp, by Paul Eaves and Teri Parsely Starnes

    Free Witchcamp, by Andy Paik

    Dandelion by the Numbers, by Kira April - a special statistical survey of the Dandelion Gathering

    Dreaming Ritual, by Sylvia Patience, inspired by a ritual at the Dandelion Gathering

    Mary Magdalen: Reflections from Midwest Witchcamp, by Cathy Combs is a developing experiment -- give us your feedback! Write us at

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