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A Spell for a World of Peace and Justice

During the Dandelion Gathering, several dozen members of the Pagan Cluster and assorted other Witches came together and decided to focus our 2004 activism on four key events:

  • Reclaim the Commons, a biotech mobilization in opposition to BIO2004, in San Francisco, June 3-9, 2004
  • The G8, in Brunswick/Sea Island, Georgia, June 8-10
  • The Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Boston and New York City
  • The November election and beyond

The Reclaiming Pagan Cluster calls to our entire Reclaiming community to join us during the next four months in composing a spell for our work that will carry us up to the November election. It is time to manifest, through visible action, our vision of The Greening and a world of peace and justice.

Four tarot cards were drawn to act as the frame of the spell in four parts: The World, Two of Swords, Eight of Pentacles, and the Moon. None were reversed.

Our intention is to create a spell which integrates and weaves our community together - dreamers dreaming of a table where there is enough for everyone (The World).

Our street magic is stronger when integrated with magic from all of our hearths. We invite you to take these tarot images, work with them in Witchcamps and in the streets, in your circles and homes. Spin poems, chants, and spells.

As we step together into our power, deepening our magic and working with our allies, we will manifest a Green world beyond the present. With your help the spell will root, mature, be reaped, and composted.

Share Your Spells

Please share your spells so that we can work them into a whole (Eight of Pentacles)! I will send you back the evolving spell. Contact Delight,

Keep up with street theater and nonviolent direct action across North America - read Reclaiming Quarterly! If you haven't seen a copy of RQ, contact

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Beltane, May 1 - Grounding in the Mother (The World)

Grounding and pulling/choosing the energies and life forces that need to be used. Building protection for our work.

Summer Solstice, June 21 - The Flame of Truth (Two of Swords)

Sending energy to those who are doing the physical work of manifestation and creating mirror magic around them.

Lammas, August 2 - The Torch of Liberty (Eight of Pentacles)

Campaigns and marches linking the DNC and the RNC begin, culminating in New York City at the end of August. Magical work strengthening the web of support for the diversity of groups and actions who are shining the torch of Truth and who are moving into danger as we confront the Illusion.

Witchcamps/Circles/Solitaries - Igniting the Truth (The Moon)

Take off the blindfold of the Two of Swords, and integrate that which has been separated. A thousand Witches holding the vision for 2004: calling in the allies, weaving our community's web of support, igniting the truth, amping raw power into the spell.

Samhain - The Chariot

This is a piece which we hope will be worked on during Samhain. At this point there is no clarity about this piece. Perhaps by the end of the Summer it will be clear.

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