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RQ#101 - Contents

Complete Issue (10Mb file)
Gender Forum - Complete Gender Forum
pg 1 - Front Cover only
pg 3 - Contents, To the Reader
pg 7 - Reviews - Music, Film, Books
pg 9 - Youth Pages
pg 14 - Nevada Peace Walk
pg 19 - US Social Forum
pg 24 - Let It Begin Now - Activism in Brief
pg 25 - Economics - Theme Section (Complete)
pg 25 - Economics - Theme Introduction
pg 26 - Economics - Beyond Unemployment
pg 29 - Economics - Chance of Depression
pg 33 - Economics - Coming Clean
pg 38 - Economics - Money Magic
pg 41 - Economics - Scarcity and Sustainability
pg 44 - What If the Earth Is NOT Our Mother?
pg 48 - Practicing Islam in the USA
pg 52 - Day of the Dead ritual
pg 55 - Summer Magick
pg 58 - Aphrodite and Sexual Healing
pg 61 - Reclaiming Features and News
pg 67 - Reclaiming Pages, Contacts, Camps, Etc
pg 75 - Revolutionary Pagan Workers Vanguard
pg 77 - Back Cover + CD Ordering
RQ#101 - Complete Issue (10Mb file)

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Two RQ Gender Forums

Complete theme sections from RQ #96 and RQ#101

  • from RQ#101 - "What if the Earth Is Not Our Mother," by Keith Hennessy, Kirk Read, Rachel Kaplan, Jack Davis, Ravyn Stanfield

  • from RQ#96 - "Undoing Sexism: A Forum," By Lynx, Donald, Keith, Phillipe, Rosa, Seed, Jonathan, Scarlet Harlot, and Luna

  • includes original layout of article on this page

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Download complete issue (10Mb file)

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Welcome to Issue 101!

Welcome to issue #101, published Labor Day 2010.

RQ#101 is our largest issue ever - 77 pages - and the first to feature full-color photographs.

The new issue is our second issue released as a downloadable PDF. Browse it online, download and print the issue, or print just those pages you want. The new RQ should print on pretty much any laser or inkjet printer.

Unless you enjoy reading on your screen, we hope you will actually print all or part of the issue. There is no reason to read the new RQ online unless you want to.

If downloading or printing proves impossible, we are standing by to help, including printing the issue ourselves and mailing it to subscribers who request it.

Why Subscribe If It's Free?

That's a common dilemma faced by all media today. With print declining and the internet unable to produce income, once-proud titles are disappearing under the weight of their budgets.

RQ's response is to minimize our already-low costs. Almost all of the work on RQ is volunteer. Unlike professional publications, we are not saddled with high production costs.

But we still look to readers for crucial support - equipment, internet costs, travel to events and gatherings, and office expenses.

Your support of RQ underwrites all of Reclaiming, from the camps and classes we publicize, to the pagan cluster activities we cover, to services like nonprofit status that RQ helps maintain.

A donation to RQ, or an advertisement in the magazine, supports these crucial functions for all Reclaiming communities.

Assistance for the Computer-Challenged

RQ honors the Luddite movement, and proclaims our kinship with those who would impede the march of dehumanizing technology.

As a special service in solidarity with the computer-challenged, RQ will print and mail a complete copy of the new RQ to anyone who requests it. For subscribers, this service is free. For others, we will ask a donation.

We want everyone to have access to RQ!

Please contact us if you have any trouble with or feedback about printing the new online RQ.

Until next time - the RQ production cell

Download complete issue (10Mb file)