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Breaking News and Photos

Photos of the Tuesday Pagan Cluster action by Berta A. Daniels

All Pagan Cluster Activists Out of Jail (Friday update)

Activists Released from Jail - Photos (Thursday)

Team Cascadia from Portland IndyMedia has a great report on the Tuesday street actions - lots of photos (Wednesday)

Direct Action to Stop War (Bay Area) Arrests - photos include friends of Reclaiming (Tuesday)

Photos of Tuesday Arrests (Tuesday)

Billionaires for Bush in Central Park (Monday)

NYPD Critical Mass (Monday)

QueerFist Times Square Kiss-In (Sunday)

Women's Pro-Choice March (Saturday)

For latest organizing info --

Voices from New York City

Anthony Barreiro - Friday, September 3

Starhawk - Friday, September 3

Anthony Barreiro - Thursday, September 2

Starhawk - Thursday, September 2

Anthony Barreiro - Wednesday, September 1

Anthony Barreiro - Monday, August 30

Starhawk - Sunday, August 29

Anthony Barreiro - Sunday, August 29

Anthony Barreiro - Saturday, August 28

Starhawk - Saturday, August 28

For Starhawk's daily reports from the New York City actions, visit

Protesting the 2004 Republican Convention

RQ's Daily Coverage - New York City, August 28-September 4

Photo 2004 Dave Gochfeld