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Frequently Pondered Questions

Can we register now for camp?

Yes - Click here to download our Registration form - discount for early registration.

Who Can Attend Redwood Magic?

Redwood Magic Family Camp is open to all families and their guests, as well as organizers, teachers, and kitchen crew.

Reclaiming is an inclusive tradition, and includes various sorts of families. You do not need to "belong" to any group, believe in anything in particular, or commit to anything beyond being fully present at this camp. We ask that all participants agree to work within Reclaiming's Principles of Unity.

This is a community retreat, not a festival or a drop-in camp. Please plan to attend the entire camp unless you make advance arrangements.

What Happens At Camp?

Our crystal ball predicts a mix of nature, magic, and community!

Some activities are age-based, others all ages together. Reclaiming teachers help anchor morning age-based "paths," or classes. Others (maybe you!) offer

Nature might mean hikes, playing in the creek, learning about native plants, herbs, etc. It might mean fire-building and tending. It might mean laying in a lawn chair and staring up at the trees.

Magic might mean rituals (serious and otherwise), sacred drama (serious and otherwise), altars... It could mean working with an ancient myth or modern story.

It might mean a wand-crafting workshop, a chant-circle, or making and magically-charging a camp T-shirt.

It might mean the magic of being together and creating community among "the elements." And it might mean an afternoon in the kitchen baking cookies.

Together we will create camp community. Each of us brings talents and gifts to share, knowing that for some reason beyond reason we have been called to share this time among the redwoods.

Let the circle be cast - let the magic begin!

What Is It Like at the Campsite?

Redwood Magic is held in the Mendocino Woodlands, located just far enough outside the town of Mendocino to avoid coastal fog. The camp is set among a mature Redwood and Douglas Fir forest, and a small creek runs alongside the camp creating a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Much of the site is shady, so it can be cool even in August. Nights can be chilly. The logs are bumpy, so you might want to bring a camp chair. Non-toxic bug spray can be handy at dawn and dusk.

Is the Campsite Accessible?

Mendocino Woodlands State park is not designated wheelchair accessible. However, the park may have some accessible features, such as parking areas, restrooms, and routes of travel, that meet some of the current accessibility guidelines.

The camp is rustic dirt paths and wooden bridges and is difficult terrain for wheelchairs (although it has been done). Most of the bathroom blocks are up slopes, which can be difficult if you have mobility issues. People have gotten around with walking sticks and crutches at past camps. We will do our best to support your needs.

Please notify us by June if you have special needs so we can discuss them with you. We will do our best to accommodate special needs. We also expect you to be the initiator and take responsibility for yourself and getting the support you need.

What About Food?

Your camp fee includes meals from dinner on the day we arrive to breakfast on the final day. All meals include vegetarian offerings. Some include meat dishes as well. We will also offer options for vegan and/or gluten-free campers by request (on your reg form or contact us by July 1).

We will make every effort to provide alternative selections. The kitchen staff, however, will not be able to prepare special meals.

If your needs are highly individual you might want to consider bringing some of your own food. Contact us with any questions.

There is no snack bar, soft drinks, etc. If you need special food, we can store a small amount in the camp frig. Raccoons and chipmunks will eat anything else.

Is This a Drug and Alcohol Free Space?

As with all Reclaiming events, this camp is drug- and alcohol-free. Tradition allows moderate use of caffeine and sugar, and there will be a smoking table (designated by the Woodlands, not us).

We honor California's medical laws and policies, while balancing our desire to create a safe space for all ages and for people in recovery. If you have a medical card and/or use prescription drugs, please let us know in advance. Thank you.

Does Camp Run on a Schedule?

Yes, although most of what we do is optional. Meals will be close to an announced time. Workshops will start close to listed times. We might have evening events like a Talent and No-Talent Show, a night ritual, campfire singing, and more.

We'll agree on a quiet time - the dining hall and campfire can go later at a lower volume.

Are There Events for Teens or Young Adults?

Yes, we have "paths" for young adults, teens, and middle kids that we've developed as part of our Teen Earth Magic camp.

We'll have folks on hand from Teen Earth Magic to help spark activities specially for these ages.

What About Cellphones, Internet, Etc?

There is no cellphone reception within the Woodlands or anywhere nearby. In an emergency you can drive back to Mendocino and try there, but it is spotty until you drive further south.

You can find internet access in Mendocino.

There has been a pay phone booth(!) at the site in case of emergencies. If still available, we will give out that number with reg materials. You will need some sort of calling card or prepaid plan to call out. If someone calls you, it will only be answered if someone is nearby and picks it up.

Can I Bring Pets?

Sorry, Mendocino Woodlands has a strict no-pets policy unless it is a licensed and registered companion. Please provide copies of license and registration for your pet when you register and bring copies with you to camp.

Will I Need Money At Camp?

The only costs beyond your registration are your own transportation, and anything you want to spend at the Pagan Silent Auction and/or raffle. These are fundraisers for our camp, so please plan to help if you can!

Will There Be Carpooling or Transit?

We will not organize carpools, but all families are encouraged to join our yahoogroup (info sent with registration), where you can post requests for or offers of rides.

Transit - To go from San Francisco to the town of Mendocino, take Golden Gate Transit from San Francisco to Santa Rosa. At the Santa Rosa transit mall downtown you'll catch a Mendocino Transit Authority bus to the town of Mendocino.

This bus may run just once a day, and would leave you about 15 miles from camp, where we have no cellphone access. If you use transit, you will need to arrange your pickup in advance. A good rendezvous spot is the stoplight at Highway 1 and Little Lake Road in Mendocino.

More Questions?

Got a different question? Want to communicate with a live person? Contact George, redwoodmagicfamilycamp@gmail.com, (510) 589-0897.

Please donate - all contributions are tax-deductible!

Please support our new camp. Email us for more information on our tax status.

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