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RQ#99 - Contents

Complete Issue (9Mb file)
pg 1 - Front Cover
Because many articles jump to overrun pages in the back, you'll need to download the entire issue to read most articles.
pg 48 - Revolutionary Pagan Workers Vanguard
Complete Issue (9Mb file)

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Download complete Issue (9Mb file)

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Welcome to Issue 99

Welcome to issue #99, pubished in mid-2008.

The issue is available as a downloadable PDF. Because many articles jump to overrun pages in the back, you'll need to download the entire issue to read most articles.

If you want to read offscreen, you can print all or part of the issue.

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That's a common dilemma faced by all media today. With print declining and the internet unable to produce income, once-proud titles are disappearing under the weight of their budgets.

RQ's response is to minimize our already-low costs. Almost all of the work on RQ is volunteer. Unlike professional publications, we are not saddled with high production costs.

But we still look to readers for crucial support - equipment, internet costs, travel to events and gatherings, and office expenses.

Your support of RQ underwrites all of Reclaiming, from the camps and classes we publicize, to the pagan cluster activities we cover, to services like nonprofit status that RQ helps maintain.

A donation to RQ, or an advertisement in the magazine, supports these crucial functions for all Reclaiming communities.

Assistance for the Computer-Challenged

RQ honors the Luddite movement, and proclaims our kinship with those who would impede the march of dehumanizing technology.

As a special service in solidarity with the computer-challenged, RQ will print and mail a complete copy of the new RQ to anyone who requests it. For subscribers, this service is free. For others, we will ask a donation.

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